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Welcome to our website! We are a group of three Magic: the Gathering nerds who love the Legacy format and like to get into the nitty-gritty of card choice and deck-building. We started this podcast because we wanted to share some of the conversations we have and collective knowledge we have gathered with other Legacy players. Our mission is simple: We will regularly produce quality Legacy content by approaching the format unpretentiously, taking nothing for granted,  and by being open to new ideas and responsive to our audience.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions please drop us a line at thebrainstormshow@gmail.com, tweet at us @CastBrainstorm, or connect with us on Facebook.


Phillip Braverman
Wilson Hunter
Paul Michel

One thought on “About The Brainstorm Show”

  1. Hey guys
    Thanks for the cool episode and the talks about decks you like and which are good.
    I have felt similarly lately after having played a lot of Miracles and now seeing that e.g. the Sneak Show matchup is quite bad and thus I wanted to change to something with discard.

    You are spot on with your analysis and sideboarding plan except one thing: I ask myself what your plan with Grixis against Dredge is? As you said yourself Dredge has taken up steam here in Switzerland and it has become necessary to think about sideboarding against it.

    I would like to devote one slot to a slower gravehate card like Nihil Spellbomb, but what to cut? Or do you think the Lavamancer and removal on your elementals is enough to just not have any hate post SB?

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good podcast!

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