Episode 003 — The Good Side of Bad

After a short hiatus, Wilson and Paul are back to talk about the “bad” decks in Legacy and why you should not only be prepared for them but also appreciate them. Phillip “Tremaine” Braverman is off galavanting on a nude beach somewhere with his parents, so Wilson and I decided to have a little fun with this episode. Next week, expect Phil and Wilson to tell everyone how they approach Miracles, its matchups and how to play/combat it. For your reference, below you will find links to the most recent and highest placing finish of each deck that we discuss here. Hope you enjoy!

LED Dredge
Manaless Dredge
Oops! All Spells
Big Zoo
MUD (Metalworker)
Enchantress (G/W)
Dragon Stompy

5 thoughts on “Episode 003 — The Good Side of Bad”

    1. Hoodies are definitely a possibility, Ryan. Thanks for listening and let us know what else you want to hear about!

  1. These podcasts are great. This was a really excellent idea for a show, very necessary. Loved it- please do more like this. Long live rogue decks!!! P.S you guys need a FB page

    1. So glad you liked it, Evan. Thanks for the tip on the FB page. I think we will set that up soon. Let us know what other topics you might be interested in hearing about.

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