Episode 005 — Invi (and Other Deadly Sins)

The Brainstorm Show is back after a weekend off playing at the SCG Invitational in Richmond. In this (much shorter) episode, we discuss how Phil and Wilson chose their deck, how the metagame felt, and which decks you should consider for the near future. The Richmond Invitational was full of bittersweet moments, and some utter depravity. We hope you enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Episode 005 — Invi (and Other Deadly Sins)”

  1. I just diagnosed myself as having Port Lung, thanks to this pod.

    Thanks for the shoutout, gentlemen.

    ps. there’s a red version of DNT running around the source that boards sudden demise to help the elves matchup. and magus of the moon maindeck just to get ’em.

    1. Hey Greg, yes I just recently saw that on The Source! Thanks for mentioning that, because it might be good for us to discuss the D+T red splash in the future.

    1. Hi Ryan, sorry I am only now responding to this! Here is a link to the list I went 7-1 with at the Seattle Invitational in December (unfortunately I got wrecked in Standard at this tournament!). It’s only a couple cards different from my Invi top 8 and top 16 lists, but it is my most updated list. Check out our Storm episode on explanations of card choices. Thanks for listening!


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