Episode 007 — Legacy in the Land of the Rising Sun

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back! This week the Brainstorm crew talks GP Kyoto. There were some crazy card choices and a metagame very different from the US’s or Europe’s showed up. Given the limited information Wizards released about the event, we did our best to go over what was popular, what dominated, and what was new. Please refer to the links below for the Top 8 decklists and a really quality SNL sketch.

GP Kyoto Top 8 Decklists

SNL’s Maine Justice

3 thoughts on “Episode 007 — Legacy in the Land of the Rising Sun”

  1. Hey guys, great show! If you’re curious, shoot me an email. I live in Japan and attended GP Kyoto. I know it’s a little after the fact, but I can give you guys some insight on the Japanese metagame if you’d like. Please keep up the great work, as you quickly became my favorite podcast! Thank you!

  2. You guys gotta show more love for the Nico Nico coverage. What gives? I couldn’t understand anything they were saying and didn’t learn much about the format other than blue cards being popular, but my time was well spent taking a million priceless screenshots of the happy lady hocking boosters between rounds.

    Also, you all really need to step up your Harry Potter trivia game. I’m as disappointed on this front as Wilson was in my piloting of RUG Delver on camera last night.

  3. I think a great topic for a show is how people should utilize brainstorm to it’s fullest potential. I.E. when is it bad/good to brainstorm at end step, should you brainstorm to set up a delver flip, is it mandatory to hold onto a brainstorm until you have a fetch, what does brainstorm do for each deck it’s played in, etc. I believe it’s a topic with several philosophies and you could spend quite a bit of time discussing it.

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