Episode 009 — Deck Dissections for SCG Worcester

Happy days! The Brainstorm Show is back in action. This episode, we talk SCG Worcester Top 8 decklists — what we liked, what we didn’t like, and what changes we would make. As always, we hope you enjoy and want to hear from you. Hit us up on Twitter and Facebook! Ideas for future episodes or deck discussions are always welcome. If you want to send in a decklist for us to talk about, we would also enjoy doing that! Have a great week, everyone.

Disclaimer: It’s not all puppies and rainbows during our discussion of the decks. Please do not take our comments as a criticism of the individuals in the Top 8 — in fact, we want to congratulate every one of them for battling through two days and 15 rounds of competitive Legacy. That is a major accomplishment! Our aim is to create discussion around card choices and deckbuilding, and we find being open and honest most conducive to this objective.

SCG Worcester Top 32 Decks

2 thoughts on “Episode 009 — Deck Dissections for SCG Worcester”

  1. Requested 3 paragraph response on DNT:

    1. Zachary Koch knocked me out of contention in the penultimate round of the Indy Open a couple months ago in a really interesting match. Game 3 came down to me getting completely wrecked by Teferi’s Response. That card is still good against Rishadan Port. Shocking, I know.

    2. The DNT list is reasonable, and the player definitely knew the deck well (even if I didn’t agree with a couple of his plays – just some close calls). The mirran crusader/brimaz debate is real, but I tend to go more towards Crusader since a lot of the midwest grinders like BUG Delver so much. Both creatures are synergistic in the deck though. Mirran is a house with equipment, and Brimaz being a legend is very valuable against Miracles. If I get to play Legacy this Sunday, I might try a 1/1 split between the two.

    3. I am not a fan of Avenger either, but would probably still play 1 copy as the 5th creature to trade with a flipped delver. Its just a pile of meat in a deck that isn’t terribly ‘tough’. I do like fitting 1-2 spirit of the labs into the maindeck at the moment however, with blue decks being about 75% of the field.

    Bonus quick hits:
    1. 4 ethersworn canonist in the sideboard seems like a must at this point, as you need a meaningful hatebear against Omni on every turn 2. That matchup is NOT good if your DNT list is outdated.

    2. Play 2 mangara of corondor. Having some extremely flexible answers in your mono-white control deck is invaluable in a format as wide-open as Legacy. The first time you loop it on a couple lands against Miracles and see the blood drain from your opponent’s face, you’ll want to jam 4.

    3. See you guys in Columbus on Friday (getting in Thursday afternoon actually), assuming you’re going. And I’ll be playing Aether Vial. Spoiler alert.

    Great episode, guys. Thanks for the pod.

  2. Just found the cast, and because Legacy is one of my favorite formats, I’ll listen to anything that related to it.

    Now, for criticism. The guy who says “like” every 2 to 3 words and often uses upspeak needs to work on that. It’s very difficult to absorb anything he says because of this. Writing out what you plan to say before the cast can help a lot.

    Finally, in David Longs lands sb, the 3spheres are to stop omniscience. Show and Tell that in, and it all but means their turn is over, and are likely limited to one spell per turn. Gives the lands player a chance to find more mana denial and lock them out for good.

    Otherwise, keep taking about legacy, we need more of that.

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