8 thoughts on “Episode 014 — Back”

  1. Gurmag Angler deserves a mention, it has been getting much, much more attention ever since the popularity of Grixis. You don’t need to bother with Green and Goyf since you can just run this zombie fish.

    The home for Painful Truth is another topic.

    Bob Huang’s Pithing Needle controversy can also be discussed.

    Get a decent microphone like Yetti before you stream.

    1. Good points, totally agree. On your last note though, are you really complaining about the quality of your free entertainment? Go make a podcast you lazy fuck! For fucks sake!

  2. Really pumped to see you guys back, I’ve been periodically checking the website since the last episode. When and if you guys do a stream, can you also post it to reddit, I don’t really check other social media sources very often.

  3. FINALLY, the Brainstorm Show is back! This podcast is basically the best thing ever. Please, please give me more content. I win a lot of games off of the opinions on this show, keep ’em coming bruv.

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