Episode 025 — All the Parts of the Buffalo: SCG Baltimore, BR Reanimator, and more

In this episode we hit a wide range of topics, focused primarily around SCG Baltimore, where co-hosts Paul Michel and Phillip Braverman top 32ed and top 16ed respectively. Our lists can be found below, along with a spicy new brew (not ours) that popped up in the episode. Enjoy!

Phillip Braverman’s 13th Place Miracles Deck
Paul Michel’s 23rd Place BR Reanimator
Link to Miracle of Science page on The Source

6 thoughts on “Episode 025 — All the Parts of the Buffalo: SCG Baltimore, BR Reanimator, and more”

  1. I agree about the coverage, i stopped watching cause i was tired of watching miracles and/or lands. I kinda disagree about the enchantress point. Yeah its a cool non mainstream deck but i dont think random decks like that should be shown a lot. Id much rather watch two good players play like a delver mirror or something very interactive

  2. Have you considered splashing white or green in BR Reanimator to deal with possible graveyard hate?

    New listener, thought it was a great podcast.

  3. Thanks for the episode; the podcasts you guys make always give me a lot to think about.

    I am curious about the absence of blood moon in the most recent mentor miracles sideboard (Phillip’s list from Baltimore). It has felt lately like eldrazi, lands, and shardless pilots know to never leave themselves susceptible to it. I have been toying around with replacements in my own sideboard with stuff like ruination and from the ashes, but as a less experienced player the total lack of nonbasic hate in a miracles deck fills me with dread.

    Thanks again for the work you guys do.

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