Episode 001 – Overview of the Legacy Metagame

In this, the inaugural episode of the Brainstorm Show, Wilson and Paul talk a little bit about themselves and a lot bit about the Legacy metagame as it stood in February 2015. We lay out our philosophy as a show — that we will never take card choices as givens and we will seek to objectively analyze the deckbuilding decisions we make to compete in various metagames.

4 thoughts on “Episode 001 – Overview of the Legacy Metagame”

  1. Damn, this is really, really good. You guys speak my language. Thanks for breaking down the tier one ideology and solid history and observation of gameplay. This is really great and look forward to more casts! Cheers

  2. Death & Taxes is the best deck in Legacy. Thanks for acknowledging this, guys 🙂

    Also, great podcast. I’ll listen to the others now.

    (I cast with Mark McManus on Wubrg – how I learned about this, fyi)

    1. Greg, you are the man and we love WUBRGxyz. We would love to get some collaboration going, however that might take shape. Keep crushing the commentary and be on the look out for Dash Combo during the Invi.

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